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Product Collections Card

Products collection card is a setting to arrange your products' view on your storefront
By using Product collection card user will be able to:
  • Create several sections/categories/collections of their goods/services to be showcased on their store page.
  • Arrange each Product collection position on the storefront -> e.g. to Position best selling Product collection at the top of the store page
  • Arrange the sequence of the items within each Product collection card -> e.g. Change the sequence of the best-selling item to be at the top of that Product collection
  • Show/hide each Product collection -> in case you want to temporarily remove the collection from the store page
  • Choose between Grid/List view to showcase the Product collection on the storefront
Product collection card setting
Changing the product's sequence in the Product collection
Change sequence button
Drag and drop the items to change sequence
Alternate between Grid or List view on the storefront
Product collection view choice (Grid/List)
List view (left side) - Grid view (right side)
Login to Admin > Editor > Storefront > Add card button > click on product collection > start adding the products
Last modified 19h ago