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Delivery based on distance

Users can register and save 1 or more zone range to automatically calculate delivery fees based on distance.
Different from a Flat delivery fee or a Postal code-based fee, the delivery fee based on distance calculates the TOTAL distance from the Store base location to the buyer delivery address using Google Map API.
How is the distance being calculated?
  1. 1.
    We are using the Straight line method from Google Maps to calculate the distance between Point A to Point B
  2. 2.
    The actual routes method (calculate the distance by road routes) often has inconsistent distance calculation since it depends on traffic condition
  3. 3.
    Therefore, please allow a margin of error in setting up your distance calculation (e.g. +- 1 to 2 Km)
Straight line calculation example:
How it looks on the WhatsApp message:
For more detail on setting the delivery fee based on distance please refer to Delivery distance calculation