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This "Add Question" function is to create a section in your take app website (below delivery address) that let you ask some questions to your buyer in the form of multiple-choice and let them answer with a simple click of their preferences.
The choices that buyers can pick are not limited to only 1 or 2 choices but the seller customize the minimum and maximum choice that can be picked by the buyer
Example case: minimum = 0, this means it is okay if the buyer does not pick anything (like optional choices; maximum = 3 or 4, this means the buyer can pick multiple add-ons for the product), example for the format is as shown below:
Multiple add-ons choice example (seller dashboard)
Multiple add-ons choice example (buyer perspective)
There is also an example of a Yes/No Question which sellers can design to ask their buyer. The rule to do this is to make Minimum = 1 and Maximum = 1, this will create a choice like this form below:
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