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Questions in Cart

These are some general Questions functions which you can use to ask your buyer about some detail required by your shop such as (delivery time, date, courier type, additional service, etc)
The function is divided into 4 main categories which are: Text Question, Date Question, Time Question, and Choice Question. Open the sub-section within this section to understand each function in more detail.
You can ask any questions to customers. Customers should fill it in to place an order.
How to Add Questions in Cart
You can use Choice type question when you want to ask options of additional service/items. For example, you can ask Need cutleries? with Yes (+$1) and No choices. Customers should choose one of the option. You can also put optional choices like "Gift wrapping ($3), priority delivery (+$5)" which customers optionally choose.
How to add Questions in Cart?
Log in to admin > Online Store > Cart & Order > Questions in Cart > Add more