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User can add their product detail in the products page
By using this products page, users can easily manage their product list. Click Add button at the top right corner to start adding your product/catalog list.
Mobile phone edit page:
Product View Page
On the Add product page, you can manage and create your product list its element:
  1. 1.
    Name: this will be the name of the product shown on the store page
  2. 2.
    Description: this will be your item description and detail
  3. 3.
    Price: this is your item price (you can also set the variant price)
    • Price per Unit: when you sell items by weight or volume (in grams / kilograms / milliliters / liters)
    • Variant: when your product has multiple variants under the same item category
    • Options: when your product have multiple add-ons optional/required Note: Original Price is when you want to have scratch price to show before and after discount price. (Original price should be higher than Price)
  4. 4.
    Availability: to set your product availability on the store page (status is invisible)
    • Available: items are visible to customers and available to cart out
    • Unavailable: items are visible to customers but unavailable to cart out
    • Hidden: items are invisible to customers
Left: Without Price Unit Right: With Price Unit
Add Original Price:
Add Original Price
After using Original Price
Log in to admin > Products > All > Add
You can go to this page by simply clicking this link: https://take.app/admin/products