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This section explains how sellers might give chance for the buyer to "Add Variant" within each of their items in their catalog. The variant characteristic will let the seller shows multiple different choices of their product towards buyers (e.g. flavor: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla).
What is the difference between variants and options?
  1. 1.
    You may add only 1 type of variant in each product (so think variants are more general and options are more specific) however, you can add multiple types of options in each product
  2. 2.
    You need to put the full amount of price for each variant to showcase the price "start from.." on the main page meanwhile, the price in option can be blank or filled without affecting the showcase price on the main page.
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    Variants = buyer can only choose 1 type of variant in the product Options = buyer may/may not choose 1 or more types of options in the product
This function will help user if they want to create discounted price for item/product that has Variants.
By using this function, price at the shop will look crossed out.
How to use Original Price in Variants?
  • "Original" price must be Higher than the "Price"
  • If you want to use this function only for 1 variant, make sure that the variant is in the First Row (If it's in the 2nd or 3rd row the crossed out price will not showing at store)
How to add multiple variants (more than 3 variants)?
Add Variants Button
You can go to this page by simply clicking this link: https://take.app/admin/products