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Subscribe Cards

User will be able to give an update to customer that listed their number in Subscribe Card by utilizing Newsletter Function

Subscribe Cards setting

User will be able to inform their customer with up to date information such as promotion, new items, stores day off, etc. To subscribe, customer need to type WhatsApp phone number in the space provided, so this function is totally optional for customer
How to Add Subscribe Card?
Log in to admin > Online Store > Store Editor > Add Card > Subscribe Note: You need to fill in the title of Subscribe Card before save. You can add your own tag as well.
Subscribe Card
Subscription Title and Additional Tag
How to check Subscriber Customer? When a customer enters a phone number, automatically there will be subscriber tag and your additional tag added. You can check the subscriber list on the Customers tab. Log in to admin > Customers
Subscriber Tags
How to remove subscriber?
  • Go to customers page and select specific customer
  • Click Edit (on the top right page)
  • Remove Tags and Save
Step to remove Subscriber
Step to remove Subscriber
Subscribe Card Tutorial Video:
Add Card: Subscribe
Add Card: Subscribe
You can go to this page by simply clicking this link: https://take.app/admin/cards