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Referral Cards

Customer can get this referral invitation to invite other person to use the referral code.

Referral Card setting

  • The store owner will create Referral Card, and Customer A can get the invitation link (after input his/her number) to invite their friends or families to use the code and make a purchase.
  • When they use the link to make a purchase and applied the discount, Order Status need to be changed into paid by store owner (status will automatically change if the customer use Instant Payment) Customer A will get discount code to be used
How to Add Referral Card?
Log in to admin > Online Store > Store Editor > Add Card > Referral (store owner need to set preference for the referral code)
Referral Card
How is the Referral Program work?
  • Go to store Page
  • Customer (Advocate) input number into Referral Card and get an invite link in WhatsApp to share.
  • Customer (Advocate) Share the link to others.
  • When they (Referred friends) click the link, it will redirect to the relatable store (referral code will automatically appear on Order Details when you want to check out then apply)
  • When the code is applied, and the payment already confirmed, the Store Admin need to change Order Status into paid (If the customer use Instant Payment the Order Status will automatically change)
  • When the Order Status changed, the Customer (Advocate) will be automatically given discount code to use on WhatsApp message.
The Example of Referral Link Message:
Invitation link to share
The Example of Discount Code Message:
Discount Code
Referral History
Store Owner can check the Referral Card usage to see how many person use the code and make a purchase. Log in to admin > Customers > Select the customer that you want to check > Referral Program (on the bottom)
Referral History
Add Card: Referral
You can go to this page by simply clicking this link: https://take.app/admin/cards