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Countdown Card

User will be able to show countdown timer for your events and promotions
Countdown Card

Countdown Cards Setting

Users can utilize Countdown Card as a function to show countdown timer for an event or promotion.
You can use this card to show when it going to END or BEGIN.
This might help to create "urgency" feeling for your customer and might increase the promotion usage.
How to add Countdown Card?
Login to admin > Online Store > Store Editor > Add Card > Countdown
Countdown Card
  • Enter the Title of the event or promotion (Required)
  • Enter the Event or Promotion Description if you desire (Optional)
  • Enter the Countdown to date when is the event or promotion end or begin (Required)
  • Select an Image if you have (Optional)

Countdown Card Tutorial Video

Add Card: Countdown
You can go to this page by simply clicking this link: https://take.app/admin/store/cards