Take App

Order Notifications

To notify the Seller if there is new order received
This function is to notify the SELLER when a new order is received, to ensure that no orders are missed if a customer does not send order details to Seller's WhatsApp. TakeApp's Official Number will send an order notification to Seller's WhatsApp/Email when a new order is created.
In the "My Account" setting you will need to follow these 2 simple steps to start receiving order notifications from our system.
  • Setup WhatsApp phone number: you will need to set up your WhatsApp number that you are going to use as the order notification receiver (1 email = 1 WhatsApp number)
  • Toggle On/Off WhatsApp or Email notification: you need to toggle on/off the notification setting to allow our official number to start sending Order Notification messages to your WhatsApp/Email
Log in to Admin > Settings > My Account > Notification > Toggle On/Off Order notification
Admin > Settings > My Account > Notification
WhatsApp Order notification example:
WhatsApp Order Notifications Message
Email Notification example:
Email Notification example