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Export Order in CSV

Users can export their store's orders in the form of CSV file.
In the basic plan, users will be able to manage orders within the Admin Menu. But, if you need those orders to be exported in a CSV file then you can unlock this feature through the Premium plan.
Export Data:
  • Last 100 orders: exporting the last 100 orders since the last order created
  • All orders: exporting all the orders ever recorded on your order menu
  • Orders by date: exporting specific orders within a time period that you have set
  • Selected orders: exporting specific orders based on picked order
Export Mode:
  • By line items: exported data will be separated based on each item checked out by the buyer per row
  • By orders: exported data will be separated based on each order number per row
Export button on the top right corner of Orders Menu
Export mode (e.g. orders by date)
You will be able to set 1 Export Data + 1 Export Mode per export execution.
Example of exported data:
Exported Orders in CSV
Zoom in the file to see the details.
You can follow the step in the video below:
Export order
The exported file will be in Comma-Separated Values (CSV File) that you can access/view by using spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel)