Take App

Custom Domain

Custom domain allows you to use your own domain which your customers can easily remember.
Please note that your account need to be upgraded into Premium first to use this function.

You do not have domain yet?

You need to buy domain first from domain providers such as Godaddy. If you need help, WhatsApp us.

Do you have your own domain?

You need to set A record from your domain provider. Let me show you Godaddy example.
Disclaimer: you will lose existing domain connection if you already have connected website.
Go to https://dcc.godaddy.com/manage/dns. Search your domain and go.
Click Add button to add A record
Add A records details and click Save
  • Type: A
  • Host: @
  • Points to:
Make sure you removed other existing A records
Please note that some domain providers will have different A record name
  • Usually, you can just put @
  • Sometimes you need to put your domain addressabc.com
That's all! You can WhatsApp us to activate your custom domain.


My domain is already connected to another website. I can still connect to Take App?

You should choose one website to connect. Once you connect to Take App, the other website will be unavailable to use the domain.