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Bulk product updates

Features to manage & modify your products in bulk
Ever feel tired of editing, managing, and modifying your product one by one? In the premium plan, you will get access to the bulk product updates which include:
  1. 1.
    Bulk Product inventory update: update your products inventory within 1 screen without needing to navigate between individual products page anymore!
  2. 2.
    Bulk product edit: this function allows you to edit your product variable (name, price, etc) in bulk by using product id
How to bulk inventory update:
The bulk edit button will be accessible after the user upgrades the basic plan to paid plan
Admin > Products > Bulk Edit button
Within the bulk update pages, you can manage your products:
  • Inventory count per product/product's variant
  • Per product eligibility for inventory tracking (when "track inventory" is unticked, it means that the product is always in stock)
Bulk products update overview
How to edit/update the product by CSV:
  1. 1.
    On the product page -> click on the EXPORT button
  1. 2.
    Choose to export chosen product (ticked product) or all product export -> then click on the Export button
  1. 3.
    Open the downloaded file and start editing the product's variable -> then save the file after changes/edit Please note that you shouldn't change: the header, ProductID, andVariantID
  1. 4.
    Back to the products page and click on Bulk edit button
  1. 5.
    Click on Edit via CSV button
  1. 6.
    Drag & Drop (or select) the file to the designated upload space
  1. 7.
    Click on Import and your product is edited successfully!