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User can maintain their orders (reminder and notification wise) and Broadcast promotional messages by WhatsApp.
By using this WhatsApp page, users can easily activate and deactivate reminder and notification message, and broadcast messages to your subscribers.
NOTE: Broadcast Function is temporarily UNAVAILABLE
To help users broadcast messages for their subscribers or customers who spent the most
  • Order Notifications (Enable / Disable)
  • Pending Orders Recovery (Available for Stripe user)
  • Daily Analytics (Enable / Disable)
  • Daily Order Summary (Enable / Disable)

How broadcast message quota works?

We calculate how many customers you have sent messages last 30 days. For example, you are in Premium plan with 100 broadcast messages quota. You can broadcast messages up to 100 customers.
Note that this is different with charging per messages. The first message in a 24 hour session will be only charged and rest of messages during the same session will be free of charge.
we All messages delivered in a 24 hour session