Take App

Subdomain change

Users can add subdomain for their Take App store URL link
Take App allows each store to change the store's Subdomain to match their preferences (in case users do not want to use the initial subdomain anymore). There is no limitation on the number of changes that can be done as long as the subdomain is not taken yet by others
Note: If you have a new subdomain, the store won't change, but you just need to re-share the new subdomain with your buyers.
Please follow this illustration below on how to change your Take App stores subdomain address:
An example case of subdomain change:
  1. 1.
    The user initially creates the store with https://take.app/restaurant
  2. 2.
    But then, they change their mind and would like to input extra information on a subdomain such as https://take.app/sushirestaurant
Initial subdomain
Changed subdomain
Login to Admin > Settings > General > Go to "Store link and domains" section > change subdomain