Take App

Custom URL Link

Users can add subdomain for their Take App store URL link
Take app give the liberty for each store to set up their own store "Alias" or "Custom URL Link". This ALIAS will function like a subdomain of the primary domain and will be fully customizable (as long as the subdomain is not used yet)
If you prefer to use a custom URL like this = https://takesushi.take.app/
compare to the original URL like this =https://take.app./s/6285282762518
Although you have new Alias you still can use the phone number URL as you wish and it will not affect any order.
Please follow this video tutorial if you wish to add a Customized URL Link to your own online store:
Login to Admin > Setting > General > Subdomain
You can go to this page by simply clicking this link: https://take.app/admin/settings