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Getting started
Hi There πŸ‘‹πŸ» Welcome to Take App WhatsApp Order Form! By using our form you can freely create a Digital Catalog with the "Add to Cart" function which automatically creates an order form upon your buyer check-out πŸ‘πŸ»

Let me guide you on how to start with us!

First login to your Admin Dashboard:
πŸ†” User ID: Your registered WhatsApp Number
πŸ”‘ Password: Sent to your registered WhatsApp Chat
πŸ”— Login URL: https://take.app/login
(This admin menu is exclusively made for you to customize your shop up to your own preferences)

How to use our service?

We will send your store URL upon the creation of your account (after registration are saved)
🌐 STORE URL: You can share the store URL provided by Take to your buyer/peers
πŸ“± Put your Take Link on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Lots of benefits!

These are all free exclusive benefits for you:
βœ… Free website with menu and pricing function
βœ… Automated order form to your WhatsApp
βœ… Order, Inventory, and discount management
βœ… Exclusive QR code generator for your shop
πŸ“‹ Want to do more with your shop? Check out our Tutorials at https//docs.take.app​
Do you still confuse about how to get started? Do not worry, our support team will assist all of your inquiries 🀝🏼
Let us grow bigger and stronger as a community!
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Let me guide you on how to start with us!
How to use our service?
Lots of benefits!