Take App


What is Take App?

Take App is a WhatsApp Order Form + storefront website provider where sellers can advertise and sell their products/services through a simple link click.

How does Take App work?

Sellers will be able to set up their store name and logo, product photos, product prices, and ask questions to customers on 1 webpage.
Buyers will be able to fill and add to cart the product of their choice, then the system will create an automated order form in WhatsApp chat between seller & buyer.

How do buyers visit our Take App store?

Sellers can put their Take App store's URL link in their preferred marketing channel such as Facebook Page, Instagram Bio, WhatsApp Group, Telegram Group, etc). Also, sellers can download QR-code (same as the link) from admin to share it with their potential buyer.

Is Take App only for restaurants?

No! Take App is designed for any WhatsApp seller. Many groceries, apparel stores, beauty shops, and general e-commerce sellers actively use Take App.

Do you support payment or delivery?

No, you should manually settle payment and delivery options in WhatsApp chat. Sellers usually prefer to use local bank transfer payments instead of credit cards to save transaction fees.

Take App is free?

Our mission is to support small businesses. We offer a very generous free plan and most of our features are free to use. We have a premium plan with a few advanced features.

I created my order form last week but haven't received any orders yet. Why?

Take App is just a tool to create an online order form website. We do not create traffic to your website. Sellers should actively share the link with customers. You may set the link as a profile link of Instagram or Facebook Page.